Auricular Medicine and Bioenergetic Testing
Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (TCM, Fertility, Cosmetic)

To learn more about my treatment philosophy and Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine - listen to the podcast below.

Dr. Kate Podcast

Conditions Treated

General Health and Wellness Maintenance
Autoimmune Diseases
Digestive Issues, IBS and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Women’s Health Issues
Men’s Health Issues
Children’s Health Issues
Pre and Postnatal Care
Hormone Imbalances
Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Sleep Problems
ADHD/Autism/Spectrum Disorders
Cardiac and Circulatory Issues
Thyroid Issues
Neurological Pathologies
Organ Deficiencies and Pathologies
Cancer care support
Weight Loss

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